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Företag (Employers)

Monthly reporting

Fora is switching to monthly management of collectively agreed insurances. The transition from annual to monthly procedures will take place in stages. Payrolls that are paid out in 2023 will be reported as usual in January 2024. Thereafter, the payrolls of manual workers are to be reported monthly.

Information due to the Coronavirus

Here we’ve collected information for companies due to the economic impacts of the Coronavirus.

Updating your company’s preliminary pay details

If your company is paying out lower pay amounts due to the Coronavirus crisis, please adjust your preliminary pay details accordingly. This ensures that your invoices from Fora will be in line with the amount you need to pay for the entire year. In January next year, you submit the final payroll reporting on which your final invoice is based.

Reporting pay for a temporary layoff

The entire pay of employees affected by a short-term layoff (also known as a short-term furlough), including the part paid by the State, should be reported to Fora. The employees’ occupational pension, Avtals­pension SAF-LO, is calculated on the pay that is paid out, including the part paid by the State.

Insurances for employees when companies permanently lay off personnel

Employees of companies that have insurance agreements with Fora can get support if the company needs to permanently lay off personnel. Which employees are covered by which insurances will depend on factors including collective agreements, insurance agreements and the employees’ duties.

AGB, Severance payment insurance

For private-sector manual workers over the age of 40 years who are made redundant. The compensation is paid out as a lump sum once their employment has ended. How large the amount will be is determined by the age and normal working hours of the dismissed employee.

The claim should be submitted to AFA Insurance within two years of the employment ending.

TSL Trygghetsfonden, Employment transition fund

For private-sector manual workers at companies with a collective agreement, who can get help to find new work or training if they are made redundant.

TRR Trygghetsrådet, Employment transition fund

Personal advice in the event of redundancy and in some cases financial support as well. For non-manual workers at companies belonging to an employers’ association within Svenskt Näringsliv/the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, or which are members of Idea, as well as non-manual workers at companies with associated agreements with trade unions within PTK/the council for negotiation and cooperation.

TRS, Employment Transition Fund

Personal advice in the event of redundancy and in some cases financial support as well. For:

  • Employees of organizations affiliated to Arbetsgivaralliansen, Svensk Scenkonst, Teatercentrum, Danscentrum and Länsmuseernas Samarbetsråd are covered by TRS career readjustment agreement.
  • Non-manual workers in companies affiliated to Sinf (Svensk Industriförening) and KFO.
  • Employees in a number of separately affiliated organizations (which have so-called associated agreements, usually with Unionen within Arbetsgivaralliansen’s sector).

Cancelling the insurance agreement

In order to cancel your insurance agreement with Fora, you must complete a form and send it to us. As a rule, a company with a collective agreement and employees will not be able to cancel its insurance agreement with Fora. It is only once the collective agreement is terminated that the insurance agreement can be cancelled.

If you are the sole authorized company signatory for your company and have BankID, you can call Fora’s customer service on +46 (0)8 787 4010 to cancel the insurance agreement.

Companies that go bankrupt

Fora gets information about the company going bankrupt from the official registers and then contacts the liquidator to obtain details of the company’s final payroll statement. The pay cannot be reported by the company on Mina sidor. The liquidator is then notified about the size of Fora’s claim on the company.

The employees’ pension contributions

If a company with a collective agreement goes bankrupt, the employees can still get pension contributions for their Avtals­pension SAF-LO, collective pension insurance, under guarantee rules in the insurance terms & conditions. They must apply for this themselves via a special form.

If a company without a collective agreement goes bankrupt there is no guarantee for the employees’ pension contributions.