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Registration of Main Administrator

BL000186 / Registration of Main Administrator Mina sidor (My pages)

To get access to Mina Sidor (My Pages), the company needs to register a main administrator. This is done by completing a form. Mina sidor (My Pages) are in Swedish only but there are English instructions available that also include a step-by-step guide on how to report your final payrolls.

Only one person can be main administrator. The main administrator can add administrators as a means of giving other people at your company the authority to access to Mina Sidor (My Pages).

The main administrator and administrators can view and do the same things on Mina Sidor (My Pages). The main differences are that the main administrator is able to add and remove administrators and is the one who recieves information from Fora via e-mail.

The main administrator and administrators log in to Mina Sidor (My Pages) with their electronic identification (e-ID).

Log in options

To be able to login to Mina sidor (My pages) you need an electronic identification (e-ID): BankID, Mobilt BankID, Telia.

  • Administrators without a Swedish personal identity number can log in using the e-ID, ExpiTrust EasyID, which can be ordered via Expisoft.
  • If the company wishes to use an E-service identification instead of a personal e-ID, this can be ordered via Expisoft. 

Download form

Download the form and complete it (preferably on your computer). Print the form and send it to the address shown on the form.

Registration of Main Administrator Mina sidor (My pages) - BL000186
Download (pdf)

How to use Mina sidor (My pages)


Mina sidor (My Pages) are in Swedish only. Using logged in digital services is always a safer and quicker way to handle your company´s relation with Fora. To help you understand the content and how to use the services and settings in Mina sidor (My pages) there is an English instruction available that also includes a step-by-step guide on how to report your final payrolls.

Information about pdf-files


Forms, brochures and other downloadable documents on www.fora.se are provided in PDF format. We recommend that you use Adobe Reader software. You can download it free of charge from the Adobe website. 

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