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Monthly reporting

Fora has switched to monthly management of collectively agreed insurances. From February 2024 and onwards the payrolls of manual workers are to be reported monthly. 

For employers

Collectively agreed pension and insurance for companies in the private sector

For employers, the insurance agreement with Fora removes all uncertainty about which insurances and occupational pension your employees should have

Occupational pension and insurances are among the most common and most important employment benefits that you as an employer can give your employees.

The collectively agreed insurances and occupational pension that are included in the insurance agreement give your employees comprehensive protection that covers most working-life situations, such as illness, injury or parental leave.

The cost of the insurances is low. Several of the insurances may even be free of charge.

The terms for the employees are advantageous – no health declaration is required for sickness or life insurance coverage, for example.

New 2024: Monthly reporting

Fora has switched to monthly management of collectively agreed insurances. Starting 2024 the payrolls of manual workers are to be reported monthly. Fora has sent out information to all customers (either via e-mail or letter) with information about the transition.

Report final payroll statement for 2023

Final payroll statement for 2023 should be reported between January 2 and 31. You do this on Mina sidor (My pages), via link "Tidigare årsrapporter".

Companies with collective agreement

Companies with collective agreements are required to sign an insurance agreement via Fora.

Companies without collective agreement

Companies without collective agreements can take out insurances and occupational pensions for their employees via Fora.

Foreign companies with temporary operations in Sweden

Companies, with or without a collective agreement, that intend to run temporary operations in Sweden.


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This is what Fora does

Fora administers SAF-LO Collective Pension Insurance and the collectively agreed insurances.