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Sänkt ålder för Avtalspension SAF-LO 2021

Svenskt Näringsliv och LO har träffat en överenskommelse om att successivt sänka åldern för intjänande till Avtalspension SAF-LO från dagens 25 år, med start 2021.

Information med anledning av Coronaviruset

Vi får många frågor med anledning av Coronaviruset och har samlat den viktigaste informationen. Hittar du inte svar på dina frågor där, kan du vända dig till Foras kundservice.

Om Fora

Fora är ett servicebolag som erbjuder administrativa lösningar för kollektivavtalade försäkringar och avgifter för parter på arbetsmarknaden. Vi finns för att erbjuda enkla och kostnadseffektiva lösningar som förenklar vardagen för uppdragsgivare, företag och anställda.

About Avtalspension SAF-LO, collective pension insurance

Every year, your employer pays a premium into your occupational pension. It is called Avtalspension SAF-LO, Collective pension insurance and is a pension that you receive in addition to your basic state pension.

You decide which pension manager will handle your pension savings until you retire. Your employer pays the premium to Fora, who transfers it to the pension manager that you have chosen.

You start to earn money towards your Avtalspension SAF-LO, Collective pension insurance once you reach the age of 25 and continue to do so until you reach the age of 65.

There are two choices you can make in the Avtalspension SAF-LO, Collective pension insurance:

How your premium should be placed.

If you need any survivor's cover (repayment cover and family cover).

How should your premium be placed?


You decide how to place your Avtalspension SAF-LO, Collective pension insurance money. First, choose the type of plan you want, a traditional pension plan or a unit-linked pension plan.

A traditional plan means lower risk. A pensions manager makes all decisions regarding how to invest your money. It gives you a minimum guarantee for your future occupational pension, and is a good option if you don't want to be hands-on when it comes to investments.

Unit-linked pension plans come with a higher risk and without any guarantees, but offers a higher potential yield. Money invested in unit-linked plans can decrease or increase in value.

You choose between the funds available with your pensions manager, which makes it a good option if you're interested in investments.

When you've decided what type of plan you want, it's time to choose a pensions manager to entrust with your capital. There are a number of options for traditional plans as well as for unit-linked plans.

If you want to make a different choice, you can do so at any time. That choice then applies only to future payments. Payments already made stay with your previous manager. But for a fee, you can transfer that money to a different manager.

If you don’t make a choice

If you don’t make a choice your premium will be invested in a traditional insurance at AMF.

How can I invest my occupational pension?

Do you need survivor’s benefit?


Survivor’s benefit is the collective name for the various kinds of financial compensation that is paid to your survivors when you die. In SAF-LO Collective Pension Insurance, there are two survivor’s benefits you can apply for: repayment cover and family cover.

The primary beneficiaries of repayment cover and family cover are your spouse or registered/live-in partner. Children with a right of inheritance are secondary beneficiaries.

The need for survivor’s benefit varies from person to person. You may, for example, need survivor's benefit if you have children living at home and your family would be unable to make ends meet if you die.

Repayment cover

Repayment cover means that the full amount of your occupational pension will be paid to your family when you die. You do not pay a separate fee for this cover but you will forego the supplement to your pension in the form of inheritance gains and the return you would have earned on that capital. Repayment cover therefore means that your own occupational pension will be lower.

Family cover

Family cover is a life insurance that provides your family with compensation if you die before the age of 65. The cost of family cover is deducted from the premium that is paid to your occupational pension and means you pension will be lower.


What is survivor protection?

How to make your choice


How you select your pension manager and survivors’ cover depends on whether or not you have a Swedish personal identity number.

If you have a Swedish personal identity number


Make your choice at Mina sidor (My pages). You can log in with your electronic identification (eID) to select savings form and pension manager. You can also apply for survivors’ cover (Repayment Cover and/or Family Cover).

You can also make your selections on a form that you send to Fora.

If you have a coordination number


You make your selections on a form that you send to Fora.

If you have neither a Swedish personal identity number nor a coordination number


It will not be possible for you to select a pension manager. The money that your employer pays into this pension is placed with AMF, in a traditional insurance scheme. You have the option of adding repayment cover. If you wish to do so, please contact Fora.

How to transfer pension capital


Your collective agreement occupational pension SAF-LO capital can be transferred from one pension provider to another. It's important to compare the pension insurance you're transferring out of with the one you're considering transferring to.

Insurances can differ as far as fees, guarantees, risk and expected rate of return. A transfer may incur a fee, which is taken from the capital transferred. If several insurances from one or more pension providers are being transferred, there could be a fee for each insurance.

Find out what the total cost will be and if transferring is worth it. The simplest way is to contact your pension provider or providers. 

You cannot split the funds among several pension providers in one single transfer. When you transfer capital to a pension provider you haven't dealt with before, your future collective agreement occupational pension SAF-LO payments will be made with that provider. This is the case even if you change your mind and cancel the transfer.

If you have repayment cover and/or family cover,  you retain this also when transferring pension capital to a new pension provider. You can transfer capital at My Pages at It can take a few months to transfer capital,  but once the transfer is complete, you'll get a confirmation from us.

How do I transfer my pension capital?

How to withdraw pension capital


Payments from the collective agreement occupational pension SAF-LO start when you turn 65, and are made each month for the rest of your life. Payments are made straight from your pension provider, not from Fora.

Your pension provider will contact you a few months before you turn 65 to, among other things, find out if you wish to change the payment time. Once you've started drawing a pension, you cannot change the payment time or halt the payments. If you wish to withdraw your pension before or after turning 65, your pension provider can assist you.

Find out how your planned pension age will affect the size of your pension. You can do that at, or by contacting your pension provider. The sooner you start drawing a pension, the smaller the monthly payments will be, since the money you've earned will be distributed over a longer period of time. If you've made arrangements to reduce your working hours, you can compensate for the loss in income, totally or partially, by withdrawing part of the collective agreement occupational pension SAF-LO.

How do I withdraw my occupational pension?

What is the SAF-LO Collective Pension Insurance?


In addition to the national supplementary pension, most people are covered by a pension plan through work. That is called occupational pension, and your employer pays for it.

If your employer is bound by a collective agreement, you definitely have occupational pension. Even without a collective agreement, there may be an occupational pension agreement. Ask your employer what sort of agreements are in place. There are many different occupational pensions. Private sector manual workers at companies bound by collective agreements have the SAF-LO Collective Pension Insurance.

You earn money for it from the age of 24 and throughout your career until you're 65. The amount paid in for you depends on how much you've earned during the year.

The higher your wage, the more money is paid into your pension. Payments made to your pension are called premiums. You choose a pensions manager to entrust with your premiums, and what type of plan to invest them in.

What is the SAF-LO Collective Pension Insurance?