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Företag (Employers)

Monthly reporting

Fora has switched to monthly management of collectively agreed insurances. From February 2024 and onwards the payrolls of manual workers are to be reported monthly. 

Manual workers, non-manual workers and self-employed

How to differentiate between categories of personnel

​​​​​Through the insurance agreement with Fora, manual workers are covered by the SAF-LO occupational pension and insurance in the event of illness/sickness and parental leave. Non-manual workers and the self-employed are only covered by the TFA, Work Injury Insurance.

It is very important that you differentiate between manual workers, non-manual workers and the self-employed. Categorising errors have consequences for both pensions and insurance cover. Please note that the managing director/CEO can be a non-manual worker, manual worker or self-employed.

What happens...

If a manual worker is reported as a non-manual worker

If a non-manual worker is reported as a manual worker

If an owner who counts as a self-employed person is reported incorrectly

How to differentiate between manual workers and non-manual workers

Companies with collective agreements

Companies without collective agreements

Who counts as a self-employed?

Anyone who owns all or part of a company is usually considered to be a self-employed person. They are neither manual workers nor non-manual workers. They may need to take out supplementary insurance to avoid the risk of not having insurance cover if something happens. If you are unsure, Fora’s Customer Service can guide you.

Limited company

General partnership

Limited partnership company

Other forms of company

How to differentiate between manual workers, non-manual workers and the self-employed

The film provides support in identifying who in the company counts as manual workers, non-manual workers, and the self-employed.

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Sound: Swedish language. The sound is muted when starting.
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