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Instructions on how to use My pages (Mina sidor)

For employers

Information with time limited validity

The information on this page is shortly to be updated due to the switch from annual pay roll reporting to monthly pay roll reporting, which started in February 2024. Read more about monthly payroll reporting

Mina sidor (My Pages) are in Swedish only. The reason for the English instruction is to help you understand the content and how to use the services and settings in Mina sidor (My pages). Using logged in digital services is always a safer and quicker way to handle your company´s relation with Fora. 

The English instruction contains:

Log in options and instructions

Overview over all sections in Mina sidor (My pages) for employers

Step-by-step on how to Report final payroll statement

Be sure to always use the most recent version of these instructions since interface and services are updated regularly.

Dowload the instructions

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Guide to My pages (Mina sidor)