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Questions and answers

Monthly payroll reporting – starting in 2024

Questions and answers about the new employee marking, monthly  pay roll reporting and the new invoicing routines,  in connection with the transition to monthly reporting of manual workers in 2024. 

The page was updated on 2024-03-22 and is a translation of the Swedish version.

General questions

Monthly management of the collectively agreed insurances


Why is Fora switching to monthly management of the collectively agreed insurances?

What does Fora switching to monthly payroll reporting mean?

What is the purpose of the switchover to monthly reporting?

Why is the switchover taking place at different times for manual workers and non-manual workers?

We employ both manual workers and non-manual workers – what will the switchover be like for us?

When will there be shared reporting to Fora and Collectum?

What will Avtalat’s role be in this?

Mina sidor (My Pages) are always slow to work with in connection with payroll reporting in January, what will it be like now that everyone will be reporting each month?

How will the switchover to monthly reporting affect me as an employee?

Why does only the main administrator receive notifications concerning reporting by e-mail?

Why do we have two agreement IDs on our new insurance confirmation?

The new marking of employees

Marking – Who, when, where and how


Where do I find our marking alternatives?

When can I mark the company’s manual workers?

How much time do we have for marking?

Where do we carry out the new marking, at Fora or in our payroll system?

If I make changes to the marking on Mina sidor (My Pages), will the information also be updated in our payroll system?

Do I need to re-mark every month?

Why are you introducing this new marking?

Will the new marking replace the marking we currently use?

We have already marked our employees for Fora in connection with our annual payroll reporting, isn't that enough?

What does FOK stand for?

I have changed the start date of a marking for an employee, but the new start date is not displayed in the Mina sidor (My pages) interface.

Marking – which marking should I select?


How do I know which marking to select for an employee?

Where can I get help if I am unsure about which marking to use?

We have associated agreements (häng­avtal). Which marking should we select for our manual workers?

We don't have any collective agreement, what should we mark a manual worker with?

How do I mark owners/self-employed persons?

We have manual workers who have multiple ongoing employments/are covered by several different collective agreements/have duties both as manual and non-manual workers, how should they be marked?

What happens if a manual worker changes employment mid-month (even retroactively)?

How do I retroactively correct a marking?

We have employees who are not covered by the collective agreements we have signed, how should they be marked?

What happens if we switch to another collective agreement or add a new one – will this affect our marking?

Can there be several different marking options within a collective agreement?

What does the new marking look like?

Why does one of my employees have a marking that starts with TAG instead of FOK?

What start date should I set for a long-term employment?

I don't understand when to use the alternative “FOK301151, Arbetare, med arbetsuppgifter utanför kollektiv­avtal” (Manual worker, with duties outside collective agreements)?

I’ve entered an incorrect end date for marking/employment for one person and want to change the date in the manual interface. How do I do this?

I’ve entered an end date for a marking/employment in the Administrera arbetare (Administer manual workers) e-service, but the date I’ve entered is not displayed in the interface. Do I need to re-enter it?

How do I change the end date for “Agreement on continued earning of occupational pension”?

I’ve incorrectly added “Agreement on continued earning of occupational pension” to an individual – how do I remove it?

I’ve submitted Individual-related details via an Excel file but can’t see them in the “Administer manual workers” e-service. Why?

The new monthly payroll reporting

Reporting – Who, when, where and how


How much time do we have for each monthly report?

Should I exclude any manual worker from our monthly reporting?

How do I know if a manual worker should continue earning towards SAF-LO Collective pension insurance and/or a supplementary pension premium after the age of 65?

Now that manual workers over the age of 65 year should also to be included in the reporting, does this mean that we will start paying towards SAF-LO Collective Pension Insurance and/or supplementary pension premiums for them as well?

How do you know if the employee should earn money towards SAF-LO Collective Pension Insurance/supplementary pension premiums after the age of 65 years?

When should I use the SAF-LO Collective Pension Insurance after 65 years and the Supplementary pension premium after 65 years?

Should payroll data for non-manual workers also be reported monthly?

Should I report pay every month, regardless of the amount, even for a part-time employee who is paid a very small amount?

Should I submit a monthly report even if I have not disbursed any pay whatsoever in one month?

Should I include employees who have not received any pay for a certain month, e.g. employees paid by the hour?

How do I go about reporting seasonal employees?

What do I do about extra staff who have multiple short-term employment contracts in one month? Should each individual employment contract be registered, marked and then terminated?

What do I do about employees paid by the hour?

I am the sole employee of the company, which I also own, what about me?

Should the basis for Företagares egen försäkring (Self-employed insurance) also be reported on a monthly basis?

What happens if our payroll report is late?

Will we be charged a penalty for delayed reporting even if we have not disbursed pay for the month in question?

Can I submit reports for multiple corporate identification numbers in the same file?

We are several branches under the same corporate identification number. Will we be able to send separate files from each branch?

Can I upload files for multiple corporate identification numbers at the same time?

Can I report payroll via API from my payroll system?

Will we be able to extract a reconciliation file similar to the one Collectum has?

I report to the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) every month, couldn’t you just use that information?

Can I no longer report a manual worker without a Swedish personal identity number or co-ordination number after the transition to monthly reporting?

What happens if the manual worker has not yet received their co-ordination number when the first monthly report is due?

Can other administrators besides the main administrator carry out payroll reporting?

What is the format of the file from the payroll system used for monthly reporting?

Can I report more than one month in the same file?

Should trade union representatives also be reported monthly in the future?

What should trade union representatives be marked with?

How do I report an employee who has a protected identity when first and last names are mandatory in the file?

Do we need to report any newly employed manual workers on an ongoing basis?

How do I remove someone – for example, a non-manual worker – whom I have incorrectly marked and reported pay for?

I have reported via file but incorrectly included a non-manual worker. If I submit a new file with the person removed will it be deleted?

How do I know that my reporting was correct?

Can I report pay via file if it’s not possible to complete marking in the payroll reporting system?

I can't complete marking in the payroll system, what should I do?

Can I use the Excel file for payroll reporting?

Why can’t I report people under the age of 13 years?

Reporting – what should be reported?


How will the 7.5 IBA limit be calculated from 2024 onwards, per year (as now) or per month?

What does “pay attributable to another month” mean?

How do I know if the pay is attributable to another month?

What happens if we fail to report attributable pay?

What is the purpose of attributing certain types of pay to other months?

Is there support in our payroll system for pay attributable to another month?

What happens if pay is attributable to a year earlier than 2024?

Is it possible to report negative pay?

What do I do if an employee has negative pay?

How do I correct already reported pay?

How should I report employees who left their employment in 2023 but still get pay disbursed in 2024?

I have recently reported the pay of manual workers for 2023 – why do I have to register everyone again simply because Fora is switching to monthly reporting?

Will monthly reporting affect gross paid out?

The new invoicing routines

The invoices from Fora


When will the first monthly invoice arrive?

When is the invoice sent out each month, after the end of the reporting period?

How long do we have to pay the invoice?

Can we get detailed data about cost per employee, per product, per period for each month?

E3. Will it be possible to receive the new monthly invoice or a specification at cost centre level?

Will supplementary pension premiums also be invoiced and transferred each month?

Why are there different pension premiums, since everything is a manual worker’s occupational pension?

To which bankgiro numbers should the invoice for non-manual workers’ and manual workers’ insurance be paid?

Employees’ pension premiums

Information to employees


What does the switchover to monthly reporting mean for our employees?

When will the pension premiums be transferred to our employees´ pension companies?

When will our employees be able to see the pension premiums on Mina sidor (My pages)?

Can employees see the reported monthly payrolls?

When will our employees be informed that their premiums will be transferred each month from 2024?