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Monthly reporting

Fora has switched to monthly management of collectively agreed insurances. From February 2024 and onwards the payrolls of manual workers are to be reported monthly. 

Information with time limited validity

The information on this page is shortly to be updated due to the switch from annual pay roll reporting to monthly pay roll reporting, which started in February 2024. Read more about monthly payroll reporting

Application for employee insurances

BL000142 / Application for collective insurance for employees

Application to be used for companies with or without collective agreement, and foreign companies with temporary operations in Sweden.

The insurance agreement with Fora is signed by completing a form. 

Companies with collective agreement

Companies without collective agreement

Download application

Download the form and complete it (preferably on your computer). Print the form and send it to the address shown on the form.

You need to register a Main Administrator to gain access to the company's Mina sidor (My pages). That registration form is attached in the pdf.

Application for employee insurances - BL000142
Download (pdf)

How to distinguish between manual workers and non-manual workers


It is usually the collective agreement that determines whether an employee counts as a manual workers or a non-manual workers.

  • Manual workers are covered by collective agreements between an employers’ association and a trade union belonging to LO - The Swedish Trade Union Confederation.
  • Non-manual workers are covered by collective agreements between an employers’ association and a trade union belonging to PTK - the council for negotiation and cooperation.
  • It is the work that an employee performs that determines to which collective agreement they belong.

When you count as a company owner


Limited company

General partnership

Limited partnership company

Other forms of company

Information about pdf-files


Forms, brochures and other downloadable documents on www.fora.se are provided in PDF format. We recommend that you use Adobe Reader software. You can download it free of charge from the Adobe website.